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BBQ Grill Hub is a one-stop informational site for everything related to grilling.

Whether you are looking for information / expert advice on how to clean the grill, which grill is the best or how to start grilling as a hobby / profession – we’ve got you covered. We are a team of experts who have spend careers in management consulting, cooking and digital marketing, but our passion is the same – BBQ Grilling. Having a passion for food and a mission to make people knowledgeable, we decided to venture out on our own through this amazing website.

BBQ Grill Hub delivers the ultimate BBQ experience through its carefully researched and knowledgeable articles. We also collaborate with social media influencers, top chefs / restaurants and grill manufacturers to bring the best content for our readers. In short, BBQ Grill Hub is a go-to resource for tips, information and exclusive deals for all things grilling. This site celebrates the skills and passion around BBQ Grilling, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking to elevate their grilling game.