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Mark and Fey are real-life best buds, modern dad advocates, and food fanatics that have found their niche as entertainers on social media, as guests and hosts for television shows, and featured acts for a variety of special events. The experts at BBQ Grilling and knows all about the art of grilling, the right way.

They combine “buddy comedy” with approachability making them familiar, honest, genuine and down-to-earth. Both hail from the Midwest and have that “guy next door” appeal. Plus, from a cultural perspective, they embrace diversity and love to learn about new cultures and lifestyles while celebrating the unifying power of food.

They started their entertainer journey by winning Guy Fieriʼs “Guyʼs Big Project,” and as hosts of two prime-time shows “The Grill Dads” and “Comfort Food Tour on Food Network”. Their shows can currently be found on streaming services such as HULU, Discovery+, Amazon Prime and AppleTV.

Previously, Fey was the co-founder of creative advertising agency Omelet, while Mark was a C-suite advertising executive and tour manager for major international musicians.

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1. How did you guys started out and what motivates you to do grilling?
We started out as advertising executives that decided to start grilling together. We are motivated to experiment with different types of cuisine, fuel and grills. We love to make inventive and fun things for ourselves and our families! 

2. Which grills do you normally use for your BBQs?

We each have about 14 grills in our backyards! So, we typically use Big Green Eggs with lump charcoal, our LoCo flat top grills and also love to use our Napoleon grill that uses propane. 

3. In your view, which are the best grills available – all weather conditions? 

We love the Big Green Eggs. They will light up even if there is a hurricane going on outside. And, they will stay hot forever with very little work. They are true to their temperature and always turn out great food! 

4. Your recommendation to people who want to start grilling both as a hobby and business in the lowest possible budget?

We recommend getting a simple Weber kettle grill and use some charcoal. It’s easy to light, easy to clean and once you learn how to use it – other grills are very easy to use. Also, the Weber Kettle grill is super cheap. Give it a shot! 

5. Grill Dads upcoming plans, and message to their followers?

Look for some more fun content from The Grill Dads and an upcoming HUGE announcement in the grilling world. Also, we are working on some new merchandise and collaborations and look forward to many more years of entertaining and creating great recipes! 

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